Why Autovista Maruti Insurance

Why Autovista Maruti Insurance?

Autovista offers a range of services and benefits to customers across Pune and Mumbai.

These features and benefits aim to provide customers with a convenient and reliable experience when it comes to vehicle services, insurance, and support.

18 years old company

Served more than 50,000 customers across Pan India.

Roadside Assistance

Free pickup and drop &Towing facility Customers receive free roadside assistance with all pickup and drop services. This ensures that help is readily available in case of any emergencies or breakdowns.

Cashless and Paperless Claims

Autovista offers a hassle-free claims process that is both cashless and paperless. Customers can simply make a call to initiate the claim process without any additional paperwork.

Engine Cover

Autovista provides full 100% coverage for the engine of your vehicle, ensuring comprehensive protection.


Autovista has 11 workshops located in Pune and Mumbai, providing convenient access to customers in these areas.

Insurance Experts

Autovista has insurance experts available 24/7 to assist customers with their insurance-related queries and needs.

Best Premium and Coverage

Autovista offers the best premium options for your vehicle usage by partnering with top 18 insurance companies. They provide zero depreciation and comprehensive covers that are more favourable compared to other dealers.

Best Service and Claims Support

Autovista ensures the best service experience across their workshops and offers 24/7 support for claims-related queries and assistance.

Trust and Accountability

One of the largest sellers As the largest seller of vehicles in Pan India, Autovista has built a reputation for trust and accountability. Customers have faith in Autovista due to their extensive presence and experience in the market.

On Time Assistance

Autovista provides quick assistance for both claims and services, ensuring that customers' needs are promptly addressed.

Comprehensive Support

Autovista takes care of everything from claims to service, making it convenient for customers. They are just a call away from getting their vehicle-related issues resolved.

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